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Well bedtime now, I have listed loads on eBay – maybe they’ll go, have also bid on some scrummy magazines from America called Somerset Studio, they are full of paper and stamping items .I used to gat the mag in Borders but they haven’t stocked it for ever.
I know I come over a bit miserable but I’m not really, just got a lot on at the moment.
Joke for you
Tourist at Tower of London see’s a scull and is told its Oliver Cromwells.
The tourist says its a bit small,
– so the courator says (quick as a flash!) its his scull when he was a boy!
nite nite


My first blog ever.

I adore possessing things for an example I cannot just got one of an item, I always feel I’ll not have the chance to get it again so I get too much. what I want to know is– am I alone? I love fabric and have the opportunity to buy remnants of silk from a company who import on a vast scale and supply major stores and garment manufacturers in the UK. Lucky I hear you say or whats the problem? Well its my wardrobe its stuffed full of the most amazing pieces of silk in every colour you could wish for and lots of weights and types from satin to chiffon. Tiny bits and big bits, the choice is endless and the sad thing is I don’t want to spoil it by using it, I gloat over the feel and sight. I know I’ve got a problem and it’s not just with fabric this is to give an example. Any thoughts about it?