I’m back!!!!!

I cannot believe that I haven’t posted anything since July 2007!

Tons has happened as would have to most folks unless they are really lucky or not as the case may be. I have to own up – I’m not a lottery winner so no begging letters please – but the lucky couple who won way too much for themselves to ever spend can send me some because I’m really brassick as we speak!
The sad events all happened to me last year and I’ll start by telling anyone who reads this that I’m getting there (wherever that is!). My brother died last August, then in September a beautiful cat I had taken in was knocked down and the vet couldn’t save her.

This is her, Marmalade, sniffing my lavender, her colouring was amazing!
The saddest and terrible event was the accidental death of my beautiful son last November. I miss him terribly but mostly my grief is for him, that he won’t grow old enjoying life and all that it brings, he was 31, no age!, and feeling the pain of loss has made me feel for all the people whose loved ones are in the conflict in Afghanistan etc at the moment. Too many are dying.
My friends and family have been a tremendous support and the most really wonderful thing happened to me recently when one of my friends gave me her ticket to attend a workshop with the god of distress Tim Holtz!!!!! It has been a major factor in lifting my spirits.

Me and Tim Holtz!!! look how pleased he is to be snapped with me! Joking aside he is a really great person!

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