My winning entry to 2010 competition – Buildings and Architecture

As promised yesterday I have attached pictures of my entry to my regions annual competition. I am an active member of the Embroiderers Guild, Manchester Branch. I joined in 1988 (roughly) after completing Part One of The London Institute of City And Guilds Certificate in Creative Design for Embroidery at South Trafford College, Altrincham with the most fantastic tutor Joan Archer. I have usually hid my light under a bushel cos I am actually quite shy and self-effacing – plus about five years ago I had to cease work suffering from work related stress and anxiety brought on by being subjected to a vicious and calculated attack by my manager commonly refered too as a ‘constructive dismissal’. I handled it badly at the time in the belief that ‘it was my fault’ but older and wiser I know that I was never at fault and I hope one day justice will be served. Now. just let me move my soapbox, thanks! I am stronger and confident in my own worth and abilities and yesterday I won the highest regional accolade from my peers in the Guild and I feel blessed! They are all without exception talented and generous people brought together by the common bond of creativity with the focus on needlework in all its guises. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart I am honoured that my work was deemed the best on the day. Click on the Smilebox slideshow below to see close-ups with some explanation of how I worked.


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