If I can take one small step!

I led a workshop yesterday evening and although I mistimed it – everyone completed the item in about an hour – some did two! No worries – I took along my winning entry for the Regional Rose Bowl competition and talked about the event and how I constructed the individual parts and arrived at the final piece and everyone really seemed to enjoy it! Onwards and upwards! I’ll be a teacher yet! well, run workshops! I even had to explain my current knitting to them! I thought I would be really early and I took it with me but the hall was open and I helped set up the tables. The knitting is a scarf. I love anything to do with textiles and a month or so ago I went to the Antique Textile Fair held annually at the Armitage Centre – part of Manchester Uni. I fell in love – as you do – with a ball of wool, make is Noro and it is sock wool, enough in one ball for a pair of socks. Hand-spun or so it looks the changes of colour are the fibres being spun together and not a mechanical random dye method. Purple changing to an olive green to an orangy red and so on. Will put a picture on. The pattern is a freebie on the internet, you start with one stitch and increase until you have a triangle with one of the sides as long as you want the width of your scarf, you then start to increase one stitch at the beginning of one row and slip one knit one slip stitch over, turn knit to end turn repeat the increase and slip at the beginning and end of the alternate rows – like magic you get a series of triangles joined together, really simple really effective. I will suss out the link and blog it for anyone who wants it.


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