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I WON FIRST PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cannot believe it but as I told you yesterday I had made an embroidery – my inspiration was Russian churches with the wonderfully ornate ‘onion’ domes, St Basil was a tad ambitious for me but I googled images and came up with a deceptively simple structure and set to work on it. Tomorrow I will share pics and how I worked it and a pic of my prize – a Rose Bowl, suitably inscribed! Until tomorrow!

Waiting for my fish and chips supper

Every Friday evening we have a mobile fish and chip van, He stops outside our door (my request!) and we pig out on fish, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce. His day job is a postie so he delivers!!!!! I am driving over to my good friend who’s name is Joy and she is a very talented embroiderer – she was nominated for a medal when she did her City and Guild!  I only passed but I passed and that’s what is important. Anyway tomorrow the Manchester branch of The Embroiderers Guild of which I am a member (ont’committee!) are hosting the annual Regional day with two super speakers (I picked Alyson Midglow-Marsden) and trade stalls oh my purse!!!! We will have a really good day with the only downer for me is that the visiting member from headquarters (Hampton Court Palace no less!) will be there and I might just be rude to her. She had to put her name to a generic letter to all members telling us on one hand we wouldn’t get our loan back (they would have sunk without a trace without it!) and then saying we had no right to have had any funds anyway! To cap it all the current committee are washing their hands of inherited responsibility (sounds a bit like politician speak to me) but they are actually taking advantage of warm-hearted, generous people (like me) who bailed them out in their hour of need and believed them when they said they would pay it all back (no interest though!) Off now I hear the chip van – he has a jingle like an ice-cream van!!!! I will be entering a competition tomorrow – will brag if I get a prize!!!!

Lye Soap and homemade concoctions

Lye Soap and homemade concoctions

Henry the Peacock – a near neighbour!!!!

Super Tuesday!

I am all buzzing coz the weather has kept it up for three days!!!!! Spring, sunshine, warm and tons of flowers – we’ve got lots of violas and they have such cute faces, I really see them as smiley people! No I’m not going doh-lally or think I’m Charles lll in waiting. I do not hold conversations with them. We’ve lost quite a few plants because of the bad winter, I had seven lavender bushes in a row and they have all died! BUT the Wisteria which I thought had also gone has started to bud so not all doom and gloom. I have really made great inroads into my workroom and I am quite proud of it. Still got too many interests but I have the resolve to reduce and I really mean to do so. bye for now xxxx

No pain no gain!

I have absolutely tons of ‘stuff’ – commonly termed stash by like-minded folks! Well yesterday, full of resolve I attacked my workroom and I have made great headway, over the last six months the combination of cold weather and my frame of mind I have spent little time in it and just piled up bits as used instead of putting it all away- sound familiar? I have ended up today like the old crock my birth certificate claims I am with a pulled muscle in my back! Cannot move it without suffering sooooo I have rubbed my mums favourite remedy into it – a warming balsam – so I don’t advertise it! and I’m going to sit and relax this evening. Tomorrow am going to sort out some more Liberty fabric and eBay it cos most of what I’ve listed has sold – at a loss – but its GONE!!!!! I will put some silk on next I think, watch this space!