Flowers and cats

 My indoor cyclamen – freshly budding these are the first of the flowers to emerge – as graceful as ballet-dancers! Do you like my pot? my fairy not at the bottom of the garden though!

 We went out to Chirk castle last Sunday and I remembered my camera! I think these are onion family but I am probably wrong!

 I do know that these are Michaelmas daisies!

 But all I know is that these a pretty!

 Back home I was snapping away and these are fuchsia – every year we do hanging baskets and I always replant the fuchsia into the garden and they take beautifully! Try it yourself! Just plant the whole plant under the soil! Magic!!!!! Oh you can see I  hadn’t cut the lawn!

 These are cyclamen that hide under the leaves of our bleeding heart and they flower with such a delicate air!

 Not flowers but one of my stashes of yarn!!!! don’t you love the colours! cannot bring myself to use them yet!

 Buy one get one free at Tesco the other week! I think they are grand! No, Gladioli I hear you say! I know that!!! Can you see my mirror? Bottom right! I did the decoration at a workshop with TIM HOLTZ and he has signed the back! Oh I was a happy bunny!!!!!

 My lovely Meg, her eyes are this colour with the flash!

 She loves the taste of soap! but wouldn’t get in if there was any water in the bath! Now she has yellow eyes!

 No this isn’t Paris Hilton with her NBF

 Doesn’t she look adorable!

 Her next favourite thing is boxes!

 When we first let her out after we moved, she wouldn’t come down for ages!

 In her finery!

 With one of her pals

 This is Katie, very aloof and serene!

Yes she thinks something will come out for her dinner!
Thank you everyone for looking at some of my pics!!!


1 Response to “Flowers and cats”

  1. 1 claire September 20, 2010 at 06:50

    use the yarn – i know you have plenty more!!

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