I love my dentist and Strictly!

I braved the snow yesterday morning and went to my appointment with my dentist, I went into a skid!!!!!Lucky I have ABS or whatever its called! Feels like you are driving over railtracks but I stopped, Easily done, I was on a minor road that doesnt have much traffic and cos it was reasonably early the snow had just compacted, anyway over a tiny bridge down the slope and I braked to turn right!!! Disaster loomed but I stopped in time. I really thought I was going to loose more than a tooth! I only needed a filling and so I am a happy bunny again.

On another subject who are you rooting for in strictly?  I really want Matt to win, but Kara is so good she will I guess, yet again what about my namesake! Pamela is a wonder and such an ambassador for all Pamelas (spook-illy we are all of a certain age! It must have been a popular name then!) Any ones really.

We have had more snow and here in my village its a bit sad because we have a Victorian  Christmas Fair this afternoon in the high street which is called Church Street, if you blink you have passed the whole place in an instance! They have invited us to dress up and the winner will get a prize! I have a long brown skirt and I was going to try to look the part but its not warm enough and its quite dangerous underfoot. I will be going so I’ll take my camera and get some pics to post – I havent put any on recently cos I’ve been using my laptop and the pics are in the computer.


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