Today in the garden flowers galore!

Katie who was very poorly, fatter than she’s been since the new year! You can see where the vet shaved her arms!

Well I am in Wales!

My Wisteria! first flowers EVER! it was only a foot tall when I planted it and three years later bloomin’ loverley!
Do you like the trellis? a bargain from Ikea!!!

These are white bluebells I think! 

These strawberry baskets are from last year! Amazingly they lived through the awful winter we had!

This pic doesn’t do the Aubretia justice, they are electric in the shade they seem to have an inner glow.

This is our Azalea. When we transplanted it it didn’t bloom but has settled down now, soon it will be a cushion of pink!

My Meg, she thinks that this is her job! A garden ornament on the steps into the rockery!

I have a large sink outside my workroom and have planted sweetpeas (only tiny yet!) and violas, look at their sweet faces!

1 Response to “Today in the garden flowers galore!”

  1. 1 Scrapin' It & Stampin' It April 24, 2011 at 10:04

    the garden is looking gorgeous – i hope my wisteria looks as good as yours when it flowers this year

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